Mu-FX produces studio-quality instrument effects pedals that are the rightful heir of the original Mu-Tron products produced by the Musitronics Corporation. Helmed by Mike Beigel, inventor of the original Mu-Tron product line, Mu-FX strives to produce “as good and better” Modern Vintage Analog™ pedals.


Phasor 2X

Don’t miss the pre-order window, and your chance to save $30 and be the first to get your hands and feet on it.
The Phasor 2X will be for sale as a stand-alone unit for $339.93, and as a bundle with the MU-XP2 expression pedal and TRS cable for $499.93.

Pre-Order Discount
Phasor 2X: $309.93

Phasor 2X + Mission MU-XP2 + TRS Cable: $459.93

**** The Phasor 2X is expected to ship in February 2017 ****

Boostron 3

The NEW Mu-FX Boostron 3 is three pedals in one… and three you might never want to turn off!

Order Direct $249.94

Power Supply sold separately 

Signed Collector’s Edition


Octave Divider

The same Octave Down effect and Green Ringer that made the original a favorite of the world’s best musicians.

Signed Collector’s Edition

Order Direct $499.95


Special 40 unit run.

**** Octave Divider is expected to ship in late December ****


Tru-Tron 3X

We are working on a new version of the Tru-Tron 3X in our new “mini-mu” housing. Same great sound and additional features. Stay tuned.

Sold Out

Tru-Tron 3X Expression Pedal Mod + MU-XP1


Modification usually takes 2-4 weeks

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