Mu-FX produces studio-quality instrument effects pedals that are the rightful heir of the original Mu-Tron products produced by the Musitronics Corporation.

Helmed by Mike Beigel, inventor of the original Mu-Tron product line, Mu-FX strives to produce “as good and better” Modern Vintage Analog™ pedals. Currently, Mu-FX offers reissued and improved versions of the Mu-Tron III™ aka the Tru-Tron 3X and the Octave Divider.

Mu-FX plans on recreating the remaining products from the original Mu-Tron product line in a smaller size, with improved sound quality and reliability and at a competitive price point.

But Mu-FX is not content resting on the laurels of the past; we’re dedicated to the goal of producing new products that will continue the lineage of the original Mu-Tron line and establish Mu-FX as a top-quality resource for effects pedals.


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Boostron 3 Jerry Combo - Old & New     Mike with Mu-Tron & Tru-Tron     Bootsy w/ Octave Divider    SIGNED OD     BSL II -14     Billy Cox Stevie & Mike @ NAMM     Mike & Elliott @ NAMM


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