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The BOOSTRON 3 has rapidly become my ‘sound-sculpting’ tool of choice. With its incredible range of tonalities and characters, the familiar and unfamiliar textures it’s capable of producing are absolutely mind-boggling – and endless! Unlike any other device on the market. Try it – you’ll love it.

When I want that extra added “Funk”  I use the  Mu-FX Envelope Filter and the Mu-FX Octave Divider. I personally feel they are the best on the market today if you looking for that unmatched vintage sounds use in the 70’s and with the new updated features, they sound amazing. Check it out for yourself. Thank you, Mike for bringing this product back to the table.

Okay Funkateers, if you loved the original Mu-tron, then you are going to really love funkin’ with the all new Tru-Tron 3X! Why is it so much like the OG Mu-tron? Because the OG maker of the original is doing the Dirty work on the Tru-Tron.


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