Premier Gear Award: Phasor 2X

Premier Guitar magazine just gave the Phasor 2X its “Premier Gear Award!” Read an excerpt here and follow the link below to read the entire review.

There have been plenty of phasers over the decades, but only one Phasor. Until now, anyway.

The original Musitronics Phasor was created by stompbox visionary Mike Beigel in 1974. It was a simplified version of Beigel’s earlier Bi-Phase—a dual-oscillator device beloved by many players and producers. Phasor had only simple depth and rate controls, while the later Phasor II added a feedback control. (Phasor II’s existence means my “only one Phasor” sentence was a lie, but hey, why should facts get in the way of a snappy intro?)

Now, 43 years after Phasor’s debut, we have Phasor 2X from Mu-FX, the new brand launched by Beigel himself in 2014. Vintage Musitronics designs are the company’s focus, although the new versions feature savvy refinements and expansions…

Mu-FX Phasor 2X Review – Premier Guitar

Thanks to Joe Gore and the crew at Premier Guitar for another thorough and well-executed review! We appreciate the praise and most importantly the constructive criticism, which guides us to improve every new product.

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